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The Impact of Innovation in the Drug Trafficking and Abuse


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  1. Authors:
      • Silviu Ciprian BUCUR, PhD., email: Silviu_Ciprian, Afiliation: Silviu Ciprian BUCUR, PhD.

      • 347|353

  2. Keywords: drug consumption, innovation

  3. Abstract:
    Abstract:\r\n\r\n The last decades have been characterized by an incremental increase in\r\n\r\n the illegal drug abuse, resulting in the development of one of the most important\r\n\r\n threats towards humanity. Based on analyses and research with the theme of the\r\n\r\n drug phenomenon which have been conducted over the past years, one could point\r\n\r\n out both the complex and dynamic character and its expansion in the entire world.\r\n\r\n Today the global approach represents the unique means of efficiently tackling the\r\n\r\n issue, which can be noticed by analyzing the international context and by knowing\r\n\r\n the drug abuse evolution and expansion inner causes.\r\n\r\n The paper aims to analyze the impact of the introduction of new\r\n\r\n technologies on reducing drug\r\n

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