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The Evolution of the Market Economy


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  1. Authors:
      • Paula – Angela VIDRASCU, email:, Afiliation: The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania
      • Dana Mihaela NICULESCU, email:, Afiliation: Hyperion University, Bucharest, Romania
      • Miron DUMITRESCU, email:, Afiliation: National Institute of Economic Research - Romanian Academy, Bucharest
      • Serban TARANU, email:, Afiliation: Hyperion University, Bucharest, Romania

      • 313|328

  2. Keywords: market economy, GDP, inflation, investment, development.

  3. Abstract:
    Abstract:\r\n\r\n GDP is a macroeconomic indicator reflecting the market value of all\r\n\r\n goods and services intended for final consumption only, not for intermediate use,\r\n\r\n produced in all branches of the economy within a country over a period of one\r\n\r\n year and it is the sum of private consumption, investment, government expenditure\r\n\r\n and the gross difference between exports and imports. Equals the sum of the final\r\n\r\n internal use of goods and services (final consumption and gross capital formation),\r\n\r\n plus exports and minus imports of goods and services.\r\n\r\n It is also equal to the sum of gross value added of the various institutional\r\n\r\n sectors or the various branches of activity, plus the VAT net taxes on products and\r\n\r\n imports, but also the amount of remunerations of employees, gross operating\r\n\r\n surplus of exploitation and taxes on production and imports less subsidies.\r\n\r\n Poland, the only country in Eastern Europe which has not been in\r\n\r\n recession, was actually the only country where there has been a growth in 2009,\r\n\r\n 1.2 per cent during the year, and 3% in the last quarter.\r\n\r\n The economy of Poland, the biggest country in Eastern Europe member of\r\n\r\n the European Union, has slowed in the last few months of 2009, as the global\r\n\r\n economic crisis has reduced demand for exports from Poland.\r\n\r\n Inflation remains the main critic of the Romanian economy. Failure to\r\n\r\n comply with this criterion involves the lack of sustainability of macrostabilization\r\n\r\n of the Romanian economy.\r\n

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