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The Costs and Benefits of Anti-Money Laundering Rules in Romania


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  1. Authors:
      • Corina – Maria ENE, email:, Afiliation: Hyperion University from Bucharest

      • 116|128

  2. Keywords: money laundering, anti-money laundering rules, black market, dirty money, placement, layering, integration

  3. Abstract:
    This paper purpose is to highlight an economic perspective and\r\n\r\n prospective of the costs and benefits of anti-money laundering rules in\r\n\r\n contemporary Romania. Starting with defining and description the stages of money\r\n\r\n laundering process, the paper provides a panoramic view on the phenomenon\r\n\r\n stretching and development, as well as on the activities connected with money\r\n\r\n laundering in Romania. It relies on national and international studies regarding\r\n\r\n anti-money laundering rules impact on national economic agents (banks, financial\r\n\r\n intermediaries etc.). We also analyze the conditions of suspicious activities\r\n\r\n reporting and the existence of government agencies, which use such reports to\r\n\r\n identify investigations subjects. Moreover, the paper tries to expose the possible\r\n\r\n reasons of anti-money laundering rules failure. All these aspects could give an\r\n\r\n idea about the importance of money laundering problem in Romania, as well as\r\n\r\n the high level of organized crime in our country.\r\n

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