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Presentation of the impact of economic crisis and the exposure of the appropriate anti - crisis strategies for Romania


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  1. Authors:
      • Cristina BURGHELEA, email:, Afiliation: Hyperion University, Bucharest, Romania
      • Cristiana TINDECHE, email:, Afiliation: USAMVB, Bucharest, Romania

      • 60|73

  2. Keywords: economic crisis, anti-crisis strategy, causes, impact

  3. Abstract:
    The world has suffered in various economic crises periodically since\r\n\r\n ancient times, these periods being called in the beginning periods of social\r\n\r\n panic and then they had a certain frequency there have been developed\r\n\r\n terms such as: economic depression, financial crisis or recession, reaching\r\n\r\n a point of maximum complexity in the current economic and financial crisis.\r\n\r\n States affected by the recent crisis have opened the subject of\r\n\r\n theoretical disputes for decades, disputes based primarily on state\r\n\r\n interventionism.\r\n\r\n When banks, investment funds, insurance companies fail to collect\r\n\r\n rates from customers, they can't carry out their activity and enter into\r\n\r\n bankruptcy, it is time that is in the stock market and banking the panic\r\n\r\n installs.\r\n\r\n In Romania, the crisis begins to manifest through: lack of demand\r\n\r\n on the market, followed by reduction of production and thereby reducing the\r\n\r\n amount of manpower.\r\n\r\n Summarizing we can say that this article outlines the impact of the\r\n\r\n economic crisis and exposing possible anti-crisis strategies suitable for our\r\n\r\n country\r\n

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