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Modern Agriculture and Farming Strategy Suggestion in Romania From Chinese Experience


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  1. Authors:
      • Mrs. Chai FENGXIA Phd. Candidate, email:, Afiliation: Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, Romania

      • 74|88

  2. Keywords: agriculture modernization, strategy , Chinese experience

  3. Abstract:
    China and Romania were both communist country, after 1979 China applied\r\n\r\n reform and open policy and become half communist and half capital society, After\r\n\r\n 1989, Romania become to be a capitalist country, after decades years of\r\n\r\n development, China make great success on agriculture modernization economy\r\n\r\n development, replied on strategic management, with the modernization agriculture\r\n\r\n trend around the world. Romania have the advantage and good history in the\r\n\r\n agriculture development. From the realistic point of view, the new policies and\r\n\r\n strategies are suggested from this study paper.\r\n

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Creative Commons License


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