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Egypt Environmental Statistics System


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  1. Authors:
      • Dr. Shawki Said Mohamed Ali, email: Shawki_Said, Afiliation: Faculty of Management and Economics Misr University for Science and Technology, Egypt

      • 220|231

  2. Keywords: statistics, environmental statistics

  3. Abstract:
    Abstract\r\n\r\n In this paper it is applied the concept of a statistical system in general to the\r\n\r\n Egypt environmental statistics system. This system is one piece within the larger\r\n\r\n national statistics system. Therefore some of the high-level management issues\r\n\r\n regarding data access and dissemination may be resolved by others outside of the\r\n\r\n agencies specifically responsible for environmental information. The broad\r\n\r\n questions of how the overall Egyptian statistical system is or should be designed go\r\n\r\n beyond the focus of this study; they are the subject of another report being\r\n\r\n prepared concurrently with this one.1\r\n\r\n This article considers the institutions that make up the environmental statistics\r\n\r\n system, the roles they play, and how effectively the system is working. The next\r\n\r\n chapter discusses the data themselves, identifying strengths and gaps in the data\r\n\r\n collected and in the systems for making them available to users.\r\n

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