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Economic Development Between Crisis and Changes in Attitude


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  1. Authors:
      • Diana Larisa TAMPU Post-doctoral Researcher, email:, Afiliation: Post-doctoral Researcher -The Romanian Academy

      • 276|285

  2. Keywords: crisis, innovative conception, model, economic development, Kondratieff waves.

  3. Abstract:
    Abstract:\r\n\r\n Over time, all the countries of the world have faced crises, at least on a\r\n\r\n minor level. Under the new economic circumstances, lot of facts and situations are\r\n\r\n far from normal compared to traditional conditions. Value of work has\r\n\r\n deteriorated, its place taken by vice and counterfeited items, transforming the\r\n\r\n natural to the unnatural, the normal to the abnormal, a state of health to a\r\n\r\n pathological condition. Crisis is everywhere. It is not connected to only one field; it\r\n\r\n is a plague generating a chaotic perturbation of the entire system.\r\n\r\n The conventional system cannot remain the same, and new understandings\r\n\r\n are required at all levels especially at the institutional and societal one –\r\n\r\n generating new approaches and behaviors that can lead to another paradigm of\r\n\r\n development.\r\n\r\n Therefore, regardless the viability of measures and decisions adopted so\r\n\r\n far by EU governments in order to overcome the economic recession, each of us,\r\n\r\n employer, employee, politician, minister, president, or private citizen, may\r\n\r\n contribute to the smooth running of his life.\r\n\r\n This paper presents a complex and empiric view concerning the crises, its\r\n\r\n usefulness and validity. The paper is accompanied by examples of complex crises\r\n\r\n from the period 1960-2010 at a global level.\r\n\r\n In order to emphasize that the antidote is in us and not in them, we\r\n\r\n conclude that the change of attitude that overcome the limits of fear and\r\n\r\n indifference, really can make a difference when it comes to a crisis situation.\r\n

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