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  1. Authors:
      • ISSAM MF SALTAJI , email:, Afiliation: PhD candidate Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

      • 130|141

  2. Keywords: BAT, Corporate Governance, Corporate sustainability, Nokia, Sustainability.

  3. Abstract:
    Sustainability is targeted in this article to be integrated with corporate governance presenting its importance in business world not as obligation, but as a tool be adopted. Economic challenges push companies to think twice before making decisions. Corporate governance is a success key for companies through improving performance and gain mistrust of investors serving business sustainability. Objectives direction has been changed from concentrating on shareholders’ benefits to maintain sustainability in general perspective. Sustainable economy becomes main feature of business world needs requiring strong militarization of all companies’ resources. That has been interrupted by climate change and financial crisis setting an urgent need from managements to adopt strongly sustainability and governance principles. Governance functions cannot be completed without sustainability strategy; both are affected by social, environmental, and economic aspects. That what article tries to present through collecting prime resources of leading companies in corporate governance and sustainability, and secondary data from academic researches supporting that by empirical study to proof that companies have been saved from collapsing by adopting corporate governance responsibility and sustainability principles during financial crisis. 

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