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Analysis of Indicators of Cohesion Policy in Romania


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  1. Authors:
      • Dalina Maria ANDREI, PhD., email:, Afiliation: Institute of Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy

      • 13|19

  2. Keywords: Cohesion, Economic Conversion, Social Exclusion, European Social Model, Territorial Cohesion

  3. Abstract:
    The paper below regards the cohesion concept, as update and made\r\n\r\n concrete for the today European Union and member countries. The literature is\r\n\r\n growing complex and the concrete needs strengthen and enlarge, as described in\r\n\r\n the first part. Fundamentally, studies, including revisions do not neglect the\r\n\r\n conceptual debate, despite that the events’ pressure would differently express\r\n\r\n option in context. So, besides the conceptual focus and even devolving from, we’ll\r\n\r\n see cohesion micro- and macro-socially and in territorial terms. The European\r\n\r\n Social Model equally keeps a word on cohesion. Since literature is working on and\r\n\r\n more evolving approaches are expected, our below analysis isn’t exhaustive either.\r\n\r\n We’re all still working on this.\r\n

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Creative Commons License


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