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Adapting Business Process Management to Organizational Strategy


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  1. Authors:
      • Vlad BALANESCU, PhD, email:, Afiliation: „Athenaeum” University of Bucharest

      • 31|42

  2. Keywords: process, reegineering, business process management, strategy

  3. Abstract:
    Business processes in general and Business Process Management (BPM)\r\n \r\n are becoming more and more used as solutions to the problems that medium and \r\n \r\n large organizations have to deal with. This paper focuses on the steps needed to \r\n \r\n implement Business Process Management and the way that this concept can be \r\n \r\n integrated in organizational strategy. BPM is a concept still considered in early \r\n \r\n stages of development both on a theoretical and practical basis. Its definitions, \r\n \r\n characteristics and key elements are still debated and improved constantly. One \r\n \r\n aspect that to me is clear is that Business Process Management is a holistic \r\n \r\n approach to management, demanding an integrated view of the organization and \r\n \r\n its main managerial components. One of the most important concepts that need to \r\n \r\n be considered in relation to BPM is that of strategy. Strategic management is a \r\n \r\n component of any successful organization; it is a requirement in order to survive in \r\n \r\n today’s economic climate. That being said, Business Process Management can \r\n \r\n play an important role but only if the design and actual implementation is \r\n \r\n corelated to organizational strategy. This paper attempt point out a series of steps \r\n \r\n neccessary to assure that this corelation can be done with success. \r\n

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