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Active Ageing: the New Type of Elderly on the Labor Market-the New Perspective of the Knowledge Society and Economy


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  1. Authors:
      • Cornelia DUMITRU, Afiliation: Institute of National Economy Romanian Academy

      • 100|115

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  3. Abstract:
    The demographic changes during the last decade of the 20th century that continued\r\n\r\n also at the beginning of the new century represent one of the major concerns for a\r\n\r\n complex mix of actors: politicians, economists, sociologists, physicians, etc. The\r\n\r\n phenomenon of accelerated aging at European level where there are already\r\n\r\n regions and areas regarded as ‘grey’ poses issues of economic, social and ethical\r\n\r\n order. At the same time, the new generations of elderly are faced with an entirely\r\n\r\n new set of issues: the requirements of the European policies which regard active\r\n\r\n ageing as the best answer to the demographic deficit and to more areas changing\r\n\r\n into ‘grey’; the risk of pensions which from the perspective of the pensions’ funds\r\n\r\n become unsustainable under these circumstances; the inherent differences between\r\n\r\n the developed and developing countries (and frequently still in transition) of\r\n\r\n Central and Eastern Europe, so that also in this field mentions were made about a\r\n\r\n “two-speed Europe”. The categories of elderly still active on the labour market\r\n\r\n are and shall become increasingly diverse. The knowledge society and economy\r\n\r\n based on the ICT progress already heralds the new type of elderly found more and\r\n\r\n more frequently on the labour market: the educated and skilled elderly who, even\r\n\r\n though a “digital immigrant” is well trained and capable of putting to good use\r\n\r\n his/her knowledge, experience and skills accumulated during the entire lifetime.\r\n\r\n Yet, for this to become true, it is necessary to combine several multidisciplinary,\r\n\r\n systemic and integrated approaches that on one hand would ensure the increase in\r\n\r\n the numbers of elderly and retired individuals making frequent and large-scale use\r\n\r\n of the benefits brought by the technological progress, and on the other hand to\r\n\r\n contribute in diminishing negative perceptions and discrimination with which these\r\n\r\n elderly persons are faced.\r\n

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