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A Research Thru a Logistic Perspective Regarding the Management of Image - Crises of Public Institutions from Romania


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  1. Authors:
      • Antoniu Ovidiu BALINT, PhD, email:, Afiliation: Bucharest University of Economic Studies

      • 329|335

  2. Keywords: image crisis, public institutions, image management, sustainability

  3. Abstract:
    Abstract\r\n\r\n Image Crises are explained by the specialists in this field of study as a\r\n\r\n process of damaging an organization's / institution’s reputation through loss of\r\n\r\n public confidence in the products and / or services provided to the targeted public\r\n\r\n / consumers. The main reason why we chose this topic, for this paper, is to find out\r\n\r\n how image crisis can affect public institutions in Romania at national (central)\r\n\r\n and local (regional) level. Based on the studies we conducted in several public\r\n\r\n institutions from Romania by comparing data available to the general public, we\r\n\r\n tried to show that not only private companies / organizations can be affected by\r\n\r\n image crises (or by economic crisis) but also public institutions can be affected by\r\n\r\n the damage of their social image and also the consciences of this situation, haves\r\n\r\n a negative impact on the public’s opinion regarding the aimed institution, which in\r\n\r\n consequence can affect the relationship between citizens and public authorities.\r\n

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